About us


"Waisell FZE" company is licensed to act in the following fields.


  • Computer Electric Accessories Trading,
  • Computer Software Trading,
  • Computer & Data Processing Requisites Trading,
  • Computer Equipment & Requisites Trading

Consulting activities:

  • Information Technology Consultants,
  • Marketing Consultancy

For the realization of the Company’s E-commerce activities, there was created an online store GygNet Store, which is a new operator in the digital goods market.

The online trading platform is positioned as an Internet resource that will sell high-tech and innovative products.


Waisell Certificate

License # 4109 Type of LICENSE – Commercial
License # 4109/2. Type of LICENSE – Consultancy
Licensee - Waisell FZE

Address P.O. Box: 7073
Business Center
AI Shmookh Building,
UAQ Free Trade Zone
Umm AI Quwain, U.A.E.
ISSUE DATE 31/10/2017.


Trading is a universal WEB-site for safe and fast shipments of goods around the world with low rates for transportation and a variety of payment options.

The activities of the platform are aimed to provide professional service of the highest quality to our customers.

The team of our highly professional specialists shall provide the following services for our customers:

  • Selection of the goods according to the relevant technical specifications and cost;
  • The support of a wide range of payment systems, so that everyone can find a suitable option for themselves;
  • Warranty Returns;
  • Customer Support System;
  • Training programs;
  • Delivery service options;
  • Integration with delivery service companies and the ability to track the movement of goods