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Macally Aluminum 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Ports

More USB ports when you need them, in a stylish fashion!
U3HUBA’s metallic, Apple-esque outlook is a stylish companion for your Mac, Macbook, Ultrabook, or Chromebook. Metal case also ensures good heat dissipation under high loads.

4 x USB 3.0 ports delivering SuperSpeed (5 Gb/s)
These days, compact and light Laptop usually means limited connect-ability. Macally’s U3HUBA will come in handy by flexibly expanding your USB ports for devices like external Hard Disk, Flash Drive, Phone, Tablet, Webcam, MFP, Printer, Scanner, Mouse and many many others.

Enjoy data transfer rates up to 450 MB/s
Bandwidth hogger like external hard drive or SSD will definitely need it. External Hard Disk / Flash’s can transfer data up to to 200 MB/s. USB 3.0 is a must. USB 2.0’s limit at 40+ MB/s will hinder the performance. For example, copying a 8G movie under USB 3.0 takes less than 30 sec, while USB 2.0 can take as long as 5 min.

Power up to 900mA
USB 3.0 port provides enough power (up to 900mA) to properly drive high power devices like HDD/SSD. No separate AC adapter is needed.

WARNING: USB 3.0 RF Interference on wireless device
Wireless/Bluetooth devices, such as keyboards, mice or adapters, may not work in close proximity to USB 3.0 devices or hubs. Connecting to a USB 2.0 port can avoid this issue.
* Reference: "USB 3.0 Radio Frequency Interference Impact on 2.4 GHz Wireless Devices” by Intel, April 2012.

• Interface: USB 3.0, compatible with USB 2.0
• Dimension: 4.38” x 1.38” x 0.88"
• Built-in Cable: 7"
• Color: Metallic

System requirements:
* MacOS X 10.6 to 10.11
* Windows XP/7/8/10