What is GygNet Store?

GygNet Store (https://gygnet.store) is a trading platform for conducting commercial activities aimed at the implementation of cutting-edge and innovative products which are a modern solution in the high-tech industry. By the aid of the team of professionals, the Internet platform provides products and services of the highest quality to its Customers. The full range of services includes trading of computer electrical accessories, computer programs, supplies for computers and data processing, computer equipment and supplies. For more information check please our Terms and Conditions

How to register on the website?

To register on the website, please select one of the following options:

1. Click on "Registration" in the "My account" section at the bottom of the page. Then fill in all the necessary fields for registration and product delivery.

2. Click on "Registration" in the "Shopping cart" section.

How can I place the order?

Please follow the procedure to place an order:

1. Go to the product page.

2. Click on the "Order now" button.

3. Click on the "Already in cart" button and go to the shopping cart.

4. Select the required number of products and fill in all of the necessary delivery and payment information on the website. You can also change the number, add, or remove products in the "Shopping cart".

How can I get more information on a product?

All detailed information about the product can be found on the product description page in the "Overview" and "Parameters" sections, also, in the "My Orders" section in your shopping cart. All additional questions about the product you can ask through the "Contact us" form or via e-mail.

How to get additional assistance?

Please contact our support team describing your situation and suggestions. Our team of professionals will study your query and contact you to solve it. Page - Contact us

How to return to the main page?

In order to return to the main page, you need to click on the GYGNET.STORE logo in the upper left corner of the website or right-lower corner of the website.

How to manage the shopping cart?

You can add the required amount of products to the shopping cart and pay for it at once. Also, you can remove products from the cart.

How to recover the password?

You need to click on the "Forgot your password" link in the "Registration" section. On the Restore Password page enter your registration e-mail address for further instructions, where further instructions will be sent.

How to get feedback from the online store representatives?

You need to go to the "Contact us" page and message the Support team.

I did not receive the registration confirmation email

If you did not receive the registration confirmation email please go back to the registration page and check the spelling of your email address and, if necessary, correct it. If you did not receive the registration confirmation email after carrying out the above step, please contact our Support Team using Contact us page.

On the website, it is indicated that the product is out of stock. How can I order it?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide you with the exact date of the product delivery to our warehouse. However, you can make a preliminary order for the mentioned product. Please contact our Support Team using Contact us page and specify the model of the desired product and its quantity.

Whаt should I do in case of a poor product quality or customer service?

If you receive the product that in your opinion does not meet the quality standards, you should contact our Support Team indicating the order ID and date. Please describe your situation and provide us with supporting documents, if needed.

How do I know about the product availability?

You can receive the information regarding the product availability on the website or by contacting our Support Team using Contact us page.

What are the conditions for registration?

Only individuals who meet the requirements indicated in the "Terms and Conditions" section can become the Customers of our online store.

The image on the website is displayed incorrectly

You need to clear cache and/or reload the webpage.

What is your guarantee and repair service policy?

Guarantee policy can be found in our Terms and Conditions and on the product description page. To receive guarantee service for the product purchased in our online store, you need to contact our Support Team for detailed information.

What is the guarantee period for your products?

The guarantee period depends on a type of device and the information about it can be found on the webpage of a product.

What should I do if I did not receive the product or I received a damaged one?

Upon receipt of a product, we recommend checking it for damage and, if necessary, presenting claims to the delivery service. The delivery service will reimburse the damage if it is their fault. If a product was not delivered to you within ten days from the moment of the agreed delivery date, please contact the Support Team indicating your order ID and date.

Is it possible to return or exchange the purchased product?

The return and exchange of the product, which was purchased in our online store, is processed according to the rules. Please note, that only a new product that has not been in use and has no usage marks (scratches, chips, rubs, the software has not been changed, etc.) is subject to exchange or refund. A complete set of goods; integrity and all components of the package (labels, seals, factory markings) should be saved.

How can I have a product repaired?

The products can be repaired/replaced under guarantee. To obtain the guarantee repair or replace of a product, you need to inform the Support Team of your case and send a product with the delivery service to our office (after shipping, you need to provide the declaration number for the product receipt). The parcel should contain a complete set of a product.

What invalidates guarantee service?

The guarantee repair may be rejected if:

-the integrity of the guarantee seals has been compromised;

- there are mechanical or other damages that appeared as a result of intentional or negligent actions of the Customer or third parties;

- there is a breach of terms of use of the product;

- there is an unauthorized takedown, repair, or alteration of internal design or components of the product, alteration of the product’s scheme;

- the serial number or the number stored in the Product’s memory has been changed, erased, or cannot be determined.

The guarantee obligations do not apply to the following malfunctions:

- normal deterioration or resource exhaustion;

- accidental damage caused by the Customer or damage caused by a negligent attitude or use (the influence of the liquid, dustiness, inappropriate items inside the Product, etc.);

- damage caused by natural disasters;

- damage caused by an emergency increase or decrease in the voltage in the electricity grid or incorrect connection to the electricity grid;

- damage caused by defects in the system in which the product was used or arising as a result of Product’s connection to other gadgets;

- damage caused by the improper use of the Product or use of the Product in violation of the applicable operating rules.

How can I cancel the order?

You can cancel an order only if it has not been shipped yet. To cancel an order, you need to contact the Support Team indicating your order ID, date, and reason.

How can I cancel an order after the payment has been made?

If you wish to refuse a product or change it after the payment, you need to contact the Support Team indicating your order ID and date and briefly describe your situation. The order can only be canceled in accordance with the rules of the online store. All of the costs connected with a refund may be charged at your expense.

When will I receive an order?

Delivery time is displayed on the "Your order" page after selecting the shipping method. Order delivery date depends on the time of payment confirmation, order processing time before shipping, and time required for its delivery. Delivery time may depend on the shipping service schedule and transportation lines congestion during public holidays. The shipping service does not guarantee timely delivery in case of force majeure, climate uncertainties, customs delays, and/or if the delivery time coincides with public holidays in the country of delivery. The shipping service does not guarantee the delivery, if there was an error in the delivery address or the address is not complete; the recipient's phone number is wrong or is indicated without a country code, thus, it is impossible to contact a recipient.

What is the shipping fee?

The shipping fee is displayed on the "Your order" page after selecting the shipping method in the "Shipping" field. Product delivery is carried out by the shipping service. Please carefully check the contents of delivery at the time of the order receipt.

How is the delivery carried out?

Delivery is carried out by the postal or courier service to the physical mailing address of a Customer.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is displayed on the "Your order" page after selecting the shipping method. Order delivery date depends on the time of payment confirmation, order processing time before shipping, and time for delivery. Also, it depends on the workload of a shipping service during public holidays.

Is the shipping fee included in the total price?

The shipping fee is indicated separately. It is displayed on the "Your order" page after you select the shipping method in the "Shipping" field.

Where can I track the order?

You may track your order on the website of the selected shipping service in the order tracking section using the provided tracking number.

Where and on what terms is the shipping carried out?

Product shipping is carried out worldwide with the help of international logistics companies. Please note that the delivery is impossible to prisons, forbidden territories, mailboxes, and other places restricted by the shipping service. You will be held responsible for the importation of the product which is prohibited by local laws. The order will only be shipped after 100% advance payment. The shipping and insurance fee is set by the shipping service and paid by the Customer.

Forbidden shipping countries

The shipping will not be carried out to Afghanistan, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Crimea. This list is not considered to be exhaustive, and we can, at our sole discretion, decide to stop or limit our services in other countries at any time without prior notification.

Do I have to pay customs duties on the order?

You may have to pay customs duties, which are not included in the product price due to the following reasons: Customs duties are not included in the price of products, which you purchase on our website, and they may not be included in the shipping fee as well. The products, which you purchase on our website will be delivered to you from abroad; therefore, customs duties are applied to them. The size of customs duties depends on many factors (the country from which the products were delivered, the type of the product, its price, and the weight of the parcel). We highly recommend you to check all of the details or consult the corresponding public service of your country. All of the customs duties and services for registration are paid by the Customer. You will have to pay the required duties for the purchase made on GygNet Store on your own. To pay for them, you need to contact the corresponding service in your country of residence. The online store cannot be held accountable for delays due to customs procedures in your country.

I did not receive the order. What should I do?

If you did not receive your order, please try the following: check the location of the order using its tracking number if it was given to you while placing the order. If your problem is not solved, please contact the Support Team and provide the information about the order time and date.

How can I change the delivery address in my order?

The delivery address, model of the product, and other attributes are not possible to be changed after placing the order. If you have any special wishes or requirements to the product, please contact our Support Team with your query. If the product is not sent, the corresponding corrections in your order will be made.

How can I pay for the order?

You can pay for an order according to the payment service provider's Terms and Conditions. All of the information is presented in the "Delivery and Payments" section of the online store webpage.

Is it possible to pay for the product in other currencies apart from Euro?

Prices for products and delivery are displayed in euro. All of the payments are made according to the exchange rate of the selected payment service provider.

Is the shipping fee included in the price?

No, the delivery price is not included, you will have to pay for it additionally.

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