The terms and conditions of the guarantee for the quality of the Product are provided on the Website and such guarantee shall be deemed provided in writing (the "Product Guarantee").

The Product Guarantee shall also cover the hidden defects, which may diminish the value of the Product, or render the Product unusable for the purposes for which it is produced according to its nature or the terms of this Agreement.

The Product complies with the relevant specifications as specified on the Website.

To the extent permitted under applicable law, the Company and its affiliates make no express or implied warranties, guarantees or conditions in respect of Product’s fitness for a particular purpose, specific computing capacity of the Product, a workmanlike effort of the Product and any other specific result of the use of the Product. Subject to the provisions of section 12 of the Terms and Conditions and to the extent permitted under applicable law, Products available on the Website are warranted only under any license agreements or manufacturer’s warranties that accompany them.

The Company has the right to refuse the guarantee repair in the following cases:

  • the integrity of the guarantee seals has been compromised;
  • there are mechanical or other damages that appeared as a result of intentional or negligent actions of the Customer or third parties;
  • there is a breach of terms of use of the Product;
  • there is an unauthorized takedown, repair or alteration of internal design or components of the Product, alteration of Product’s scheme;
  • the serial number or the number stored in the Product’s memory has been changed, erased or cannot be determined;
  • other cases as provided for in the terms and conditions of the Product guarantee.

The guarantee obligations do not apply to the following malfunctions:

  • normal deterioration or resource exhaustion;
  • accidental damage caused by the Customer, or damage caused by a negligent attitude or use (influence of the liquid, dustiness, inappropriate items inside the Product, etc.);
  • damage caused by natural disasters;
  • damage caused by an emergency increase or decrease in the voltage in the electricity grid or incorrect connection to the electricity grid;
  • damage caused by defects in the system in which the Product was used or arising as a result of Product’s connection to other gadgets;
  • damage caused by the improper use of the Product or use of the Product in violation of the applicable operating rules.